High-Quality, Reliable LCD Video Walls

GPO's newest video wall was reduced the bezel-to-bezel (BtB) from 5.5mm to 3.5mm comprises of high-quality, commercial-grade LCD panels, supports network remote control by user's PC and Android Flatform devices together with real-time system health status monitoring.

Video wall Touch Solutions include IR touch overlays ranging from 6-32 touch points, protective glass, framing/trim and mounts. This all-inclusive approach provides all necessary components (aside from displays) to create an immersive, interactive video wall.

LCD Video Wall Product Offerings

GPO innovative LED LCD video wall solutions are specifically designed to deliver precise and brilliant visual messages in the world's most demanding environments from control rooms to digital signage and architectural applications.

GPO’s video walls are comprised of high- quality, commercial-grade LCD panels and use only the most stable, dependable drive components.

Special feature compatibility with ACR, GPO’s status, health monitoring and Network remote control system.

System Configuration

Content Management Solution (CMS) 

Solution for Video wall control system

  • Solution supports multiple layers of content
  • High-resolution playback
  • Supports various multimedia formats
  • Accommodates wide range of media devices
  • Transfers schedule and contents through network
  • Displays broadcast-quality images
  • Easy, convenient tool for signage
  • Supports for Auto reporting service

Network Settop (MPEG)


Hardware configuration

- Monitor: LFD 46", 47", 55" Narrow bezel 5.5 - 3.5mm; Brightness 500, 700, 800, 2.500nits

- Wall Mount or Floor Stand Bracket

- Server and Client PC (Set-top box)

- HDMI Distributor

- Cables

- 4K Support graphic card (over 20 LFDs)


Mechanical Layout

1. AC Power S/W On/Off.
2. AC Power in (100V ~ 240V)
3. DVI Input
4. DVI Output
5. PC Input
6. PC Output
7. RS-232 Output
8. RS-232 Input
9. Component Input
10. Component Output
11. AV Input
12. AV Output
13. PC Sound Input
14. PC Sound Output (Phone Jack)
15. Component Sound Input
16. AV Sound Input


Bracket System

GPO‘s Auto-Aligning Slide Bracket Mounts offer quick, easy initial alignment and maintain alignment throughout the course of an installation's lifetime. The strength of the Slide Bracket lies in its simple design (no internal moving parts). Side covers are included and serve to safely lock displays in place, lending a clean, finished appearance to video wall arrays.

Slide bracket wall mounts allow for easy installation and service Displays move side-to-side within the slide bracket structure Provides access to the display for maintenance and replacement 6-axis (bidirectional X, Y and Z axis) fine-tune adjustments Precise, automatic panel alignment Side cover (trim kit) included.

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